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Sports Car Rental in Dubai


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Sports Car Rental in Dubai


When you think of places in the world with an eclectic range of cars in use, Dubai is one of the top places to pop up in one's mind. The city’s bodacious appearance is mainly thanks to the supercars roaming on streets. It is not an uncommon sight to see the best sports cars in the biz out and about in Dubai. After all, it is a city that offers the peak of high-end services. Sports car enthusiasts from around the world congregate in Dubai to sports car rental in Dubai from the latest and greatest models from top manufacturers such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Bugatti.

These efficacious vehicles are built for speed and handling, which is why they are most commonly used for racing and other high-speed activities. Supercars like the Lamborghini Aventador and Ferrari 488 GTB are widely known to be powerhouses due to their top speeds, which go above 200 mph. Their speed is almost comparable to the speed of delivery of rental cars by It is easy to imagine the amount of adrenaline rush you get when the wind whooshes past you at that speed, once again, similar to the adrenaline rush you may get when presented with your car keys by

We understand every individual who is interested in booking sports car rentals has their idea of the “best” Dubai sports car rental. Person A may opt for a minimalistic design, a high-performance muscle car, and Person B leans more toward the precision, handling, and agility of a Lamborghini. No matter your definition of the best Dubai sports car rental, there is something for everyone at Rent It Online Portal. If you do not have a budget in mind and are ready to splurge on sports car rentals, then some of our most popular options are Aston Martin, Lamborghini Huracan, and the McLaren 720S hypercar. Each of these vehicles is bound to leave you in a trance.

As much fun as sports cars are while riding, they can also be expensive. Not all sports car enthusiasts out there are ready to burn a hole in their wallets. Do not worry, we at Rent It Online completely understand that and have a list of plenty of affordable/cheap sports car options. For those on a budget, models like the Porsche Boxster and Chevrolet Camaro still offer an exhilarating driving experience while keeping your bank intact.

Once you have selected your choice of sports car rental, there are a few factors to consider:

  • Price: Rent It Online presents you with a diverse price range from a couple of hundred to a couple of thousand. The rates wholly depend on the model of the sports car and the period of the rental.
  • Practice safe driving: The streets of Dubai are always hustling and bustling causing it to get a little crowded sometimes. Even the most experienced drivers find it difficult to tackle the crowd, which is why for a driver of a sports car rental, it is even more important to drive cautiously. Be ready to step on the brake whenever necessary.
  • Braking distance: Inform yourself about the aspects of the car. A sports car is designed to drive at the highest speed, but it is also equipped with a feature to come to a halt quickly. However, the time that it takes to come to a stop may vary from your car. It would be better to give yourself enough room to apply brakes. Moreover, our team will be present during the car and key exchange. They will be giving you a demonstration on how to go about the vehicle.
  • The right rental company: It is ridiculously obvious that this factor is all about favoring over any and every other rental service in Dubai. But these are not just empty words. Our website is what our words say. We do have an extensive selection of high-quality vehicles. Moreover, our website allows people with and without a budget to coexist in peace.

The keenness to drive and rent a sports car in Dubai must be thrilling, however it also comes with a great sense of responsibility towards not just yourself but also your surroundings. To enjoy your sports car hire in Dubai to its highest potential, choose Rent It Online as we pride ourselves in not only composing a catalog that consists of the latest models at affordable prices but also in providing excellent customer service to ensure that your rental experience is as smooth and enjoyable as a BMW. We are available for you before you book the car rental via 24/7 chat support and after you receive the car as your aid on the road.

Being an experienced rental agency in Dubai, Rent It Online has been propelled to new heights due to the trust its earned from customers over the years. Rent it Online offers a broad range of choices to select from, including but not limited to supercar/hypercar rentals, cheap sports cars, and the best sports cars on the market, there is something for everyone on this website. Each of our customers is attended to with the utmost respect. Our sports car rental in Dubai come with a medley of Dubai’s lifestyle, scenic highway views, notable cultural landmarks, and a love for speed.

We hope you get to live out your Formula 1 race driver dreams with us by a sports car rental in Dubai. After all, it is a must-do experience for any car enthusiast out there, especially since the booking process is extremely easy. Whether you are looking for an electrifying driving experience or simply want to rev up the engine to cruise around the city in style, renting a sports car in Dubai is a memorable experience that is sure to etch a mark in your heart and brain. So why not book your sports car rental in Dubai with us today and experience the specific moment when all of the hairs on your skin rise? Yes, that is what is guaranteed to happen when you choose to drive in a sports car rental in one of the most invigorating and alluring cities in the world.


Frequently Asked Questions

According to UAE’s laws, all individuals must be 18 and above to drive. However, to rent and drive a sports car, you must be 21+ and possess a valid driving license along with your UAE residence visa.

At the cost of your rental varies depending on the car model, brand, and the rental duration. To make your cost calculation convenient, we provide you with the cost of your rental per day, week, and a month. If you have a budget set in mind, please browse through the catalog to see which sports car fits your needs.

Yes, they do! You’ll be happy to know that a lot of our rental vendors provide you with a 250 km daily mileage limit. This means you can do a round trip to another emirate like Fujairah which is 122.7 km away from Dubai. The whole trip will be on our rental vendors as the total mileage would round up to 245 km. If gone above the daily mileage limit, additional charges may be incurred.

Of course! We understand that owning a sports car gives you an extra sense of pride and the freedom to customize it. However, when booking through, you will come to find the numerous options our sports car catalog consists of. In fact, with our sports car rental you won’t just feel the adrenaline pumping through your organs, but also save a whole lot of dirhams. Renting a sports car is a lot cheaper than actually purchasing a sports car.

You can drive your sports car to several exciting destinations across Dubai. The most popular one is the Dubai Autodrome located on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road which is also a great place to drive your sports car if you fancy looking at the city’s breathtaking skyscrapers. But, back to the Dubai Autodrome, it is a famous motorsports circuit complex known for turning your Formula 1 race driver dreams into reality. It consists of a 5.39 km long circuit for you to take your sports car rental on a spin in a controlled and safe environment.

Payments are usually accepted by cash and credit cards. You may also have to pay a security deposit, in case of any additional damage sustained by the car. For your convenience, our rental partners are able to process all of these payments via cash or credit card.

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