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Limousine Rental in Dubai


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Top Car Brands

  • LEXUS ES 350 CAR WITH Chauffeur

    Business Bay, Dubai
    Luxury Limousine
    AED 100/Hour

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Limousine Rental in Dubai


Millions of tourists travel to Dubai every year in the hopes of experiencing the brilliance of the city. Among the many luxuries are limousines. Not a lot of countries in the world can say that they have limousines or limousine rental in dubai gracing their streets every night. This makes limousines among the most desired vehicles in the UAE, both by tourists and residents. However, when it comes to transportation services, not everyone can afford to own a limousine due to its insane price. This is not a reason for you to get disappointed, though! Who wants to own a limo when you can rent one from the comfort of your home?

Rent It Online provides you with high-end vehicles such as Limousine car rentals in Dubai that cater to different needs and budgets. It is the ultimate go-to choice for those seeking to have a grand and splendid journey across the city. We at provide a range of limo services for several special occasions, whether it be a stretch limo that can easily accommodate around eight passengers for weddings, a spacious SUV limousine that can carry up to 18 passengers and their luggage/accessories for corporate events or a Rolls Royce Phantom to experience the nightlife at The Palm.

Once you have taken a seat in a Limousine, you may enter a state of tranquility. It is probably the most you’ve felt at peace, and this is all just because of the comfy seats. We may sound dramatic with our description however there is no denying that riding in a limousine exudes a certain sense of class, charisma, and sophistication. It is a statement-worthy moment!

Limousine rental Services in Dubai

We understand that the cost is always one of the defining factors when you rent a vehicle, especially when the vehicle is a limousine. Rent It Online presents you with some of the best limousine car rent prices in Dubai so you can explore the city with pride and remember the experience as one for the books.

Moreover, renting a limousine with comes with the same quality of customer service as a Bentley State Limousine, high-end. We conduct car checks diligently to ensure the interior, exterior, and amenities are up-to-date. This also acts as a reassurance to the driver.

We expect there to be queries from our customers which is why our professional, courteous, and knowledgeable staff are with you whenever you need them. They are confident in answering your doubts/concerns and are enthusiastic to provide recommendations based on your needs and budget.

The thought of driving a limousine rental can be exciting, but it can also be demanding, especially for first-time luxury vehicle drivers. Since you have decided to become acquainted with our rental services, we are sharing a list of tips for a safe driving experience:

  • Before you rev that engine, familiarize yourself with the rental. Each type of limousine has a few distinct features from the previous type. When our team is giving you the tutorial, pay close attention to the controls and features of the rental for smooth navigation.
  • Limousine rentals require more space and time to maneuver due to their size and weight, so remember to keep enough distance from other cars while driving and avoid sudden acceleration or braking.
  • Always communicate with your passengers. Make sure every passenger is aware of the safety rules and is secured within their seats. Along with driving, you need to stay alert to your passengers’ concerns or requests.
  • Limousine rentals tend to have larger blind spots than the vehicle you are used to. This is because limousines are much larger and heavy, so utilize your mirrors to check your blind spots and examine the positions of vehicles and/or pedestrians around you.
  • Finally, drive confidently. We might have scared you a little bit by starting the list in such a manner, but you do not have anything to worry about as long as you stay focused, calm, and alert. Your composure in situations like these matters the most and can be a great source of reliability for your passengers.

Keeping these tips in mind and practicing constantly to be a better driver is mainly what's required from you when driving a limousine.

A ride in a limousine rental in Dubai is a dream for many visitors around the globe. And we aspire to play a small part in fulfilling that dream. Our luxury limousine rental service can be hired by anyone to any location within the UAE. We promise to take you on the most impressive limo rides and help you make your experience in Dubai the most memorable one of your life. Furthermore, we highly recommend our limo rentals in Dubai to honeymoon couples, family get-togethers, and friend gatherings. customizes your preferences accordingly to make the most out of your special events.

Limousine rentals are now recognized as leaders in the luxury vehicle industry. It is funny how this aligns with the fact that Dubai is seen as an emerging leader in tourism and… how it coincidentally also matches with the statement that is among the leaders of rental services in Dubai. This statement motivates us to provide a luxurious and stylish transportation option along with affordable services. A part of our vision with limousine services was to bring forth the exotic limousine rentals in Dubai, to impress our consumers with rare selections that do not go way too overboard with the budget. It has always been a pleasure to serve our client base with the best possible service we could and help them cruise throughout the city with grandness surrounding them from every inch of the limousine.

Visit today to book a luxury tour in a limousine. Experience the VIP treatment before you select the limo and especially after you do. The vibrant, glorious, and majestic Dubai is waiting for your arrival in a limousine rental. So hurry up! Do not make the leader of the grandiose wait any longer!



Frequently Asked Questions

Dubai loves its luxury and limousines are the definition of that. The city hails itself for its choice of limousines. Some of the most popular limousines to grace the city are Rolls Royce Phantom, Bentley, Cadillac, and BMW. These brands are known for their efficiency, utility, and lavish features.

At the cost of your rental varies depending on the car model, brand, and rental duration. To make your cost calculation convenient, we provide you with the cost of your rental per day, week, and month. If you have a budget set in mind, please browse through the catalog to see which limousine car fits your needs.

We suggest you rent a BMW limo service. The German-based limos are suitable for business activities and/or professional events. They are renowned for their high-tech performance, chic design, and comfort.

Definitely! The majority of the car rentals in Dubai offer a visit to Abu Dhabi, so you can go ahead and rev up your car rental with pride in another emirate. However, a car rental is forbidden to drive to any of the desert or mountain regions. Moreover, not every emirate in the UAE follows the same laws including driving regulations. When driving in another emirate, always bring all necessary documentation with you, including your driver's license, passport, and rental agreement. Make sure to adhere to the rental company's return policies as well, as there may be additional fees associated with your rental charges if you return the car in a different emirate than where you rented it. Visit the RTA website to get a comprehensive view of the different driving laws, speed limits, traffic rules, road conditions and signs/boards in each emirate.

Payments are usually accepted by cash and credit cards. You may also have to pay a security deposit, in case of any additional damage sustained by the car. For your convenience, our rental partners are able to process all of these payments via cash or credit card.

Top Car Brands

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