Rent It Online

Privacy Policy

Rent It Online is committed to maintaining the privacy of all the subscribers and customers of the application (Platform) or website of our organization, and we take serious measures to protect your privacy as we offer Services on our online portal platform.

The following privacy policy will determine how we capture and use your personal information in our business. If we are to make any changes in the way we use your information, we promise to notify you. ‚Äč

We ask our subscribers,visitors & customers to thoroughly read this privacy policy as we reveal about ourselves and how we capture the information to further use it. By using our Services or our Platform, you agree to the collection, usage, and transfer of information through this policy, or provide consent, where consenting is required, to use the information. You must not use the Services we offer or our Platform if you do not accept these terms of the Privacy Policy in any way. This privacy policy is in conjunction with other privacy policies and notices and does not overrule them.

This privacy policy is only intended for this platform (website & Application) and not for the applications or websites of any other organizations or companies; particularly addressing our commitments.

The data we obtain

When you register or subscribe to our platform (website & Application) to access our Services, we might collect some information about you. This might include (a.) your name, contact number, and email address (b.) information that will allow us to cross-check and confirm your identity (c.) your location (d.) information related to your payments, history, and transactions, and (e.) other information that we might find relevant and required for our services to comply with the regulations. You agree and, if necessary, give us consent to obtain your information for your use on the Platform and its Services. You also provide us consent to use any information that you provided us through messages and any other forms of communication.

We state that we use this information as it is required on the Platform to provide you with our Services. Any delay or negligence in providing us with this relevant information might deter us from providing you with the Services of our Platform (website & application).

The Privacy Policy applies to anyone and everyone who wants to use our Services or access our Platform from any of the electronic devices. If you chose to remain anonymous on our website or application through any of the devices, we will obtain and use this information automatically when you access our Platform or use our services through your mobile

If you make any calls or chat with our team or with any third party through our Platform, it will be recorded for quality assurance and might also be monitored for enhanced customer care services. We use the services of third-party to keep a track of the messages and calls between you and third parties (vendors or real estate agents) or between you and us. This will give access to us and third-party vendors about your contact details which will be of use later on. We will receive real-time data about your messages and calls that we will store. This data will include the detail of the messages and calls between you and us, the content of the message, and your contact details.

Sharing the personal information

Your personal information including your contact details and addresses may be used by us or third parties on our Platform. Each of the service providers on our Platform has the authority to use your information but only in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

We might share your information with the third parties providing products and services on our Platform, other service providers that help us keep the business going, or any other third parties that you approve while using our Services or while gaining the access to our Platform through mobile technology or any other devices.

We ensure that the associated third parties respect your personal information's privacy and use it by the set rules and regulations. The third-party service providers on our platform do not have permission to use your personal information for their benefit. They only have the authorization to use your personal information for particular purposes and according to the set law, rules, and regulations.

We will share or use the information that we collect from you only if we are under the duty of doing so or only if we are required to share the information for legal purposes. This information might also be used while enforcing any obligation against you or to protect the rights of our affiliates and us. This type of information-share will only be made in case of fraud prevention and protection where other organizations might ask us for significant details.

There might be a need for us to share your personal information with third parties, affiliates, or our subsidiaries or if we are restructuring our business. Although your personal information will remain anonymous, it will be unavoidable in certain situations to not share your information.

Purpose of collecting information

When you provide us with personal information, we can provide you access to our Platform and its Services that will be relevant to you and let us meet your needs.

The information provided by you will be used only to fulfill your needs and meet the requirements of the orders that you place on our website & application. It might also be used to process transactions that you make or authorize us to make. This will enable us to provide you with discounts and offers on our Platform that might catch your interest or for the purpose of customer feedback or research.

We might also use the personal information provided by you to collect your opinion regarding the Service being provided on our Platform. Further, we might use the information to notify you of any changes made in the Services we provide or any new developments on our Platform.

Disclosure of information

With this policy, we assure to not provide your personal information to anyone in case any liquidator or administrator gets appointed above us. The information will be used for the same purpose, as it was collected and only given to third parties if there is a need for the same.


When you access our website, we might send a small file, termed Cookie, on the device that you might be using. It will let us identify your device and monitor its behavior on our Platform while also gathering information on your areas of interest that will enable us to improve our Services. The Cookies will help us obtain and store personal data and link it with information supplied in Cookies. If you choose to reject the Cookies on our website, you might face deterrence from some Services on our Platform.

If you try to inquire about a referral or services similar to that ours, we will use the relevant information submitted by you and collected by us to determine which of our professionals would be able to best serve your needs. We might share your information or forward the same, including your personal information, to our professionals. This will be done by gathering information from the forms you fill up on our Platform. This information will be used by our affiliates or Service providers to contact you and fulfill your needs.


Our Platform offers security policies, measures, and rules that endure complete protection of your personal information. It ensures your data won't be exposed through unauthorized access or accidental use as we ensure confidentiality and security at every step.

If there is any data breach suspected, we have adopted all the measures to deal with the same. We will not only notify you but also contact legal authorities in such matters to secure your data and protection. Further, account-related details including passwords have to be kept confidential by you only. You may contact us immediately if you have any queries regarding the same or if you suspect unauthorized account access.

Information access

You may contact us by mail our team at the email id if you want to ask anything regarding data storage rules that we follow. We will provide you with a copy of your data, upon the payment of a nominal fee, through email. Before we provide you any information, we might as and confirm your identity and can also refuse to not provide you with the information if we find anything suspicious or identity verification failed.

Data delete request

You can email us on the provided email id to request data deletion and we assure to fulfill your request. If legal action is required or if the circumstances don't allow, we might be unable to delete your personal data. Also, we will retain the data if we are required to do so. Before we delete any information provided by you, we might ask for your identity. Know that we will delete the data upon your request only after confirming your identity. If your identity is not established, we will have no option other than rejecting your request for data deletion. We reserve all the rights to charge a nominal fee if we are proceeding further with the data deletion request.


Any concerns/doubts and inquiries regarding the Privacy Policy of our Platform can be cleared by mailing on our email id provided. If you have any queries regarding our data handling, you may clear with us about the same. You may contact our admin department and choose to unsubscribe anytime if you want us to stop using your information.

Payment Data

For processing the credit card payments, we employ a third-party service provider who has access to your personal information, without which, they will be unable to perform their functions. However, this information won't be used for any other purposes in any way as we don't have access to the information regarding the payments you make.

Policy Updates

We have all the rights to modify this policy at any time if needed. The updated policy will be available on our platform and if you continue to use our services and/or access our Platform, you give consent to the modifications we make on our Platform. It is the responsibility of the users to check any variations in the Policy from time to time.