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Economy Car Rental in Dubai


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Economy Car Rental in Dubai


 Transportation is essential in a city like Dubai. As much as Dubai has got to offer, it lacks in one department it is not by any means, a walkable city. If you have to go to a grocery store two blocks down, you may need to take out the car to reach there in 10 minutes since walking may take about an hour, and a bus may take around 45 minutes. However, taking a car out every time you need to go somewhere, no matter how close the destination is, can get frustrating, especially considering the fuel-price surge. A reliable alternative to this problem can be to visit and look through the list of fuel-efficient economy car rental in Dubai.

When it comes to cheap car hires in Dubai, Rent It Online offers a diverse range of rental vehicles that cater to every type of budget out there. Another good news is that our rental service offers the most fuel-efficient affordable car rentals. The cars are a great way to save on your extra costs and instead put it towards getting the most out of the city.

Here are some of the most fuel-efficient cars that you are available to rent on Rent It Online:

  • Toyota Yaris: This one is for those who hate traffic jams. The Toyota Yaris is easy to maneuver through heavy traffic or busy streets. The low rental cost also earns the car brownie points.
  • Nissan Versa: This spacious family car is among the popular economy car rental in Dubai. It provides comfort to all of its five passengers and is equipped with advanced safety features such as anti-lock brakes. Once again, this car earns brownie points for not digging a hole through the customer’s wallet.
  • Hyundai Accent: Another one of the favorites that aim to stay within your budget due to its cheap rental cost. This compact car is easy to park in tiny spaces and navigate through the city.
  • Kia Rio: The Kia Rio is another great, affordable, lightweight, fuel-efficient car that is available for rent on Your fuel expenses are saved with this car making it a perfect choice for tourists or residents with a fixed budget.
  • Chevrolet Spark: The Chevrolet Spark makes for an excellent rental. The car does not even cost AED 100 for a day’s rent. If you’re looking to drive short distances or traverse through the streets of Dubai then Chevrolet Spark is the one for you.

Other than fuel efficiency, there are some additional factors that we suggest you look out for when renting an economy car rental. The rental price of each car is non-negotiable. However, rental prices can decrease based on the length of your rental period.

Rent Economy Cars in Dubai

When it comes to rental prices, we can guarantee you that offers you the most affordable economy car rental in Dubai. We offer you daily, weekly, and monthly rental rates. Moreover, our eclectic list gives you several more choices to choose from. Additionally, it is important for you as a customer to understand the terms and conditions of our rental service. For better understanding, you can check out our Privacy Policy and T&C pages located at the footer of our webpage. Subsequently, you can also click on the “Contact Us” page for further assistance.

Choosing to drive economy rent cars in Dubai can be a great way to cut back on travel and fuel expenses.

Here are some tips to optimize your car's fuel performance and drive more efficiently:

  1. An unnecessary amount of fuel is spent when a car is accelerating and comes to a halt immediately. Smooth driving or driving steadily is one of the easiest and most effective ways to maximize your car's fuel efficiency. If there is a need to speed, use the right gear to keep those fuel costs at bay.
  2. When you have parked the car or are stuck in traffic, switch off the engine to conserve fuel. This way you are not only saving money on your rental but also looking out for the environment.
  3. Tire pressure is another important aspect that affects fuel consumption. Inflated tires help boost your car's fuel efficiency, but underinflated tires can suck away your fuel, so it is crucial to inspect your tire pressure regularly. This way you can also avoid flats which helps improve the overall driving experience.
  4. Some people think it is cool to rev up your engine due to the dramatic sound produced, however, this is a bad idea when using an economy car rental where you aim to save on fuel costs. It also helps in avoiding the wear and tear of your rental.
  5. Planning your route is always beneficial. Not only does it help you get to places in time, but also contributes to saving fuel. Dubai is filled with evenly paved highways so choosing a direct route should not be a problem, but it is understandable to come across a jam-packed area once in a while, which is why planning your route may help.
  6. The first tip spoke about steady driving. To help with that, make use of cruise control on highways or a long, direct course. It can aid in enhancing your fuel efficiency. Keep in mind though cruise control should not ever be used recklessly. Always exercise caution when using it.
  7. Economy car rental in Dubai are mostly compact cars that may be used to cruise around. Any amount of heavyweight might see the fuel facing severe repercussions. Pack light, and this way, you do not just incur any fuel costs but also make your trip more fun.

These tips should help you drive your economy car rental more efficiently and save some extra money for your next rental.

Rent It Online has been at the forefront in rendering high-maintenance economy vehicles to our clients, as we believe economy cars are among the best deals one can get for a rental car.
So why wait? Join the majority of our clients for a cost-effective, fuel-efficient, convenient, and safe-to-handle economy car rental.

Frequently Asked Questions

Economy cars make up the majority of the car population in Dubai. It is not only affordable but also saves on fuel costs. Some of the most well-known fuel-efficient economy cars that run the streets of Dubai include, Toyota Yaris, Nissan Versa, Hyundai Accent, Kia Rio, and Chevrolet Spark. These cars are not just cheap for the average consumer but are also known to optimize your car’s fuel performance.

No, offers a wide inventory of cars tailor-made to your needs. Go ahead and browse through the catalog of economy cars. If you have specific details in mind and want faster results, please make use of the filter settings on the left side of the webpage.

We suggest the Chevrolet Spark as the most affordable economy car rental for a family. The Spark is a 4-seater car and its rent is AED 89 per day making it one of the cheapest car rentals. And that’s not it! The car is known to be one of the best fuel-efficient cars. Moreover, our rental vendors provide you with a daily 200 km mileage limit. Additionally, the car may be delivered to your doorstep for free.

The name Rent It Online is pretty self-explanatory. It quite literally means you, the user of this website can rent any of our available services from the comfort of your place. It is all done online. Moreover, our car rental services offer you flexible rental periods. You can rent a car in Dubai for a few hours, a day, a week, or even a month. It all simmers down to your needs.

As per the rules set by the RTA, we provide basic insurance to all of our rental cars. However, the client will incur extra costs if the car is damaged. Since our cars are maintained to the highest standard, the damage fees could be applied for something as small as a spill or a stain. So, please be careful with the use of the car.

Payments are usually accepted by cash and credit cards. You may also have to pay a security deposit, in case of any additional damage sustained by the car. For your convenience, our rental partners are able to process all of these payments via cash or credit card.

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