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image Al Nahda (Sharjah), Sharjah

AED 450 /Month

  • Furnished

Room for rent

image Al Nuaimia, Ajman

AED 1500 /Month

  • Furnished

Ladies bed space Al qusais Al Nahda DAFZA

image Al Qusais Residential Area, Dubai

AED 800 /Month

  • Furnished

Room for rent

image Abu Dhabi City Centre, Abu Dhabi

AED 2300 /Month

  • Furnished


image Al Majaz 3, Sharjah

AED 600 /Month

  • Furnished


image Oud Metha, Dubai

AED 2000 /Month

  • Furnished

Partitions for Africans(ugandans) in tecom

image Barsha Heights (Tecom), Dubai

AED 2000 /Month

  • Furnished

Large room to rent

image Barsha Heights (Tecom), Dubai

AED 5000 /Month

  • Furnished

Room Rental in Dubai


Rentitonline is the leading online rental platform for monthly bed spaces rental in Dubai and has become the number one platform for users to find the most trusted listings on the web. We fill a new seed in bed space for rent in Dubai while redistributing the products over multiple people on a rental basis to satisfy their needs without causing any commitment towards anything. We lit up a new methodology of trading where the required assets are transformed to the different personnel as and when required.

In addition rent bed space in Dubai which is in the most demand in UAE and Rentitonline gives you the most options and there is so much more to come. All you need is the Rentitonline online portal which operates with the largest property class and is known to be an amazing host, where you will get to see more information regarding the property available.

Bed Space for Rent in Dubai

Rentitonline has your next property which you get to choose from the comfort of your home, no matter what you are looking for, especially a spacious bed space. Take a full tour without breaking a sweat, and view with pictures, descriptions and more to see every room and much more in the bed space for rent in Dubai. We take care of the entire process so you understand the frustration and guide you through to closing the transaction.

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Renting something online is premium if it is on Rentitonline and never let the customers settle for something while to rent bed space in Dubai that they are never satisfied with. With us, nothing goes into a dilemma including working around the schedule and the delivery of the product. We will take care of the full process to make it easier for everyone to experience luxury comfort from the moment they choose Rentitonline.

Rentitonline brings high-value and rewarding experiences to people and our truly diverse team offers outstanding customer service in helping you with your need for bed space for rent in Dubai. Our mission is to empower everyone as a leading rental company on which millions of customers can heavily depend. Our supportive offerings of affordable deals made searching and booking bed spaces as easy and stress-free as they should be hassle-free from start to finish.

Professionals, females, students or family seeking safe and affordable accommodation in Dubai, goes easy with Rentitonline to find the best and cheap bed space for short-term monthly rent in Dubai. It is easy for us to often search for Bedspace in Dubai and we give you numerous options that are affordable and convenient for living. Rent bed space and room rental in Dubai is never too hard to find if you are to undertake advantage of Rentitonline, which offers a convenient and cost-effective solution.

Shared rooms, bed space, or master bedroom with personal washroom, fully furnished, whatever it be your requirement, Rentitonline provides you with a comfortable and secure environment to call home. We list out the premium collections of bed space for rent in Dubai with and without the amenities such as wireless internet, housekeeping, and shared kitchen facilities an ideal choice for those looking for a comfortable and convenient living situation.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How to determine the right property to rent?

It can be challenging to decide a type of property to rent, but it all boils down to three main factors: location and amenities, size, and budget. For you to understand better, Rent It Online has curated content for each category which explains the specific property type in further detail.

What documents are required to rent a property in Dubai?

The basic documents required to rent a property in Dubai are: Passport copy, visa copy, and a valid ID or Emirates ID.

What am I supposed to look out for in my rental agreement?

The conditions of a rental agreement differ by property type. The core terms to look out for are: rent amount and payment terms, security deposit, duration of the tenancy, maintenance, renewal terms, amenities and utilities, and regulations of the property.

Can I rent a property on tourist/visit visa in Dubai?

Yes, you can rent a property in Dubai while having a visit visa. But there are some restrictions and requirements that you need to consider. Your visa must remain in effect for the entire term of your tenancy agreement. You might be required to present additional documents upon request by the landlord.

Why consider for rentals?

The name Rent It Online is pretty self-explanatory. It quite literally means you, the user of this website can rent any of our available services from the comfort of your place. It is all done online. Moreover, our property rental services offer you flexible rental periods. You can rent a property in Dubai for a few hours, a day, a week, or even a month. It all simmers down to your needs. Renting through our website isn’t too shabby considering we get you the best deals in the market starting with 24/7 customer support, a list of basic amenities each property offers, and free consultation. Once you have selected your choice of property rental, it takes about five minutes for to bring you convenience, flexibility, and fair deals.