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Townhouse for Rent in Dubai

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4 Bedroom | Corner | Vacant | Open for SALE.

image The Polo Townhouses, Dubai

AED 328000 /Year

  • Unfurnished
  • 6 Baths
  • 4500
  • 4 Beds

3Bedroom Villa Plus Maid Room in Warsan Village

image Warsan Village, Dubai

AED 82000 /Year

  • No
  • 4 Baths
  • 2150
  • 3 Beds

Townhouse for Rent in Dubai

The luxury real estate market in Dubai is well-known around the globe, and townhouses are no exception. Townhouses or townhomes are preferred by those who want convenience, privacy, and comfort of a standalone home, but don’t seek the maintenance level of a villa. This type of a residential property makes for an excellent option for tenants who aren’t prepared to commit to a full-size home like a villa, but also desire for more space than a traditional apartment or flat.

A range of townhouses on rent are available in Dubai’s rental market and since you are already here, have a look at the list of rental properties we offer including townhouses. A wide inventory of townhouses located in various places are put up on our website. Townhouses for rent are available in a variety of settings, from family-friendly communities to central locations. They range in sizes, from 2-bedrooms to 5-bedrooms, making them suitable for both small and large families.

To determine the right property for you, in this case, the right townhouse, the location of the property, the availability of amenities, and the rent price must be kept in mind. A variety of townhouses are offered by coveted urban communities like Palm Jumeirah, Jumeirah Park, Emirates Hill, Jumeirah Village Circle, and Al Furjan. The townhouses in these exclusive communities also come with a variety of amenities such as, swimming pools, gyms, gardens, and a lot more. These properties often offer stunning views and access to a range of luxury amenities, making them an ideal choice for those who want to live in luxury, style, and sophistication.

On the other hand, people may desire to settle in a central location where the city is lively and bustling, and where you can step out to take a cup of joe or finish an errand in under 20 minutes. We suggest that you browse through our rentals to look for properties located in Business Bay or Downtown Dubai.

It is understandable to worry that luxuries don’t seem much of a reality when there is a specific budget. However on that worry can be dismissed. Those who cannot afford a townhouse, we recommend a townhome. It is a little smaller than the typical townhouse, but still bigger than an apartment or flat, so there is ample space. Cheap townhomes for rent with convenience, but without the maintenance are available to those who are single, couple, or small/nuclear size family.

Dubai's real estate market provides a wide range of options for those looking to buy a townhome. From modest 2-bedroom apartments to opulent 4-bedroom townhomes in desirable, prime, and up-and-coming locations, these properties come in a variety of price ranges and sizes. Town Square, Jumeirah Village Circle, Dubailand, and Dubai Hills Estate are a few of the most well-liked, popular locations for townhomes in Dubai. Keep in mind to work with a trustworthy real estate service so that they can help you navigate the process, bring you the best price, and find the ideal townhome based on your requirements such as lifestyle and budget.

For those who have a budget in the gray area, we recommend you to look for townhouse properties in established neighborhoods like Dubai Sports City which offers a mix of affordable and lavish properties including amenities.

There is a wide variety of townhouses and townhomes available in Dubai's real estate market. Every year more people seem to want to move out and settle in a location that is not only suitable for them, but also their families. Having a huge list of options is convenient, but it can also be overwhelming. Many times, several individuals are torn between the various options and pick their minds over what selection to make. Among the several types of properties offered, townhomes or townhouses lie in the middle. These properties go well with people who seem to be confused between a less spacious flat or an extremely pricey villa. Budget greatly determines the type of property you will settle in and townhouses/townhomes take budget into great consideration. However, even then you might find yourself flustered. Choosing the right townhouse/townhome can seem like an exhausting process which is why asks you to leave your worries and trust on us. We aren’t looking to steer your ship and direct your actions. Since Rent It Online has mastered customer service, we wish to explain to you the whole rental process in layman terms. This way you can also benefit the most out of the leasing experience.

So, why wait? With the right guidance from your ideal townhouse/townhome is just around the corner. Hurry up and browse through our extensive list. You can use the filter setting panel on the left side of the page for a better rental experience. Once you’ve made your decision, do not hesitate to reach out to our 24/7 customer service support chat for further queries. All in all, renting out a townhouse in Dubai is an excellent alternative to villas and apartments/flats, offering the ideal combination of convenience, privacy, and space.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a townhouse?

If you want the privacy, comfort, and convenience of a stand-alone home without the maintenance requirements of a villa, townhouses or townhomes are a better option. Townhouse rentals are a great choice for renters who want more space than an ordinary apartment or flat but aren't ready to commit to a full-sized home like a villa.

What amenities are included in the rent of a townhouse?

Townhouse rentals may come with private outdoor space, garage parking, and shared amenities like a fitness center or pool.

How is the rent paid?

Most of the landlords in Dubai prefer post-dated cheques. However, sometimes, the payment method may vary. For a clearer understanding, you should talk to your landlord about rental payments.