The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide For Renting in Dubai
31 Oct

The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide For Renting in Dubai

It’s Dubai – one of the best places to build your life, career and earnings. However, finding the right place for renting in Dubai is one tiresome task. We have gone through this wild maze of searches, and negotiations to give you a walkthrough on this aspect.

Did you know that there are apartments for every budget in every region in Dubai? Oh Yes! It’s just that you need to choose them depending on the distance, your budget, your lifestyle, and of course the neighborhood. That is where most people struggle.

This is mainly due to two reasons:

  1. One is that they don’t have the time and patience to find out all this information
  2. Next is that the expatriate communities do not know where to approach and how to communicate in the proper language to interact with the concerned people in this scenario.

This is why we like to take you through the whole process right below:

The Complete Guide to Renting Process in Dubai

Let start with a step by step guide and if you follow this guide, you know where to go, find and how to finalize the rental contract in Dubai.

Where to Search?

For this, you have a lot of places to search. You have to have the time and patience to /research the locations you need. This could be near your office, schools, colleges, and any other that have to be at close reach. They can be found on various websites and newspapers in Dubai like rent it online, Khaleej Times, Just Property website, Property Finder website, and also the Bayut website is a good place to hunt rentals. From here, you will get an account of how bedrooms, the square feet, the rent, the location, etc. That is the first step of the rentals hunt.

Filter and Shortlist

Once you have prepared the first list, now it is time to filter. Not everything will match your interests or your requirements. By requirements, we mean the budget, the rooms, and the locations (like whether it is near hospitals and transport hubs, etc). Only once you prepare this first list, then you know how to focus on what exactly you need.

List of Documents and Formalities needed:

  • Always ask your home rental owner and the broker what documents you will need in the rental process.
  • Understand what is the security deposit of the home or flat in Dubai as this should be about 5% of the total rent amount.
  • Find out the monthly rentals in the list of apartments or homes that you have listed out.
  • Figure the number of rental cheques that have to be given in a year.
  • Has an account of whether the homes are furnished or not should be noted beforehand.
  • The water and energy factors in the home.
  • Any other agreements of the structure.
  • Time frame of rentals.
  • Other specifications should be mentioned in writing.

Visit and Check the property

Once you have a fair idea of what documents and formalities need to be taken care of, then the process is fairly simple. Now you need to schedule when you can view the property for rental. This is highly necessary so that you know if the house has all the amenities that the house owners or brokers or builders came to have given you. You can go to the place to know how accessible it is, whether the nearby neighborhoods are friendly etc.

Compare and Fix your Budget

After visiting the places, it is time to make a final comparison. Based on what they have shown, you can choose what suits you best.

Place your Offer

Okay, the process for renting in Dubai is reaching some decision for now. Let them know what your offer is and negotiate. You can have cordial talks or have experts do the talking for you. You can make the offer but look at the market rate that prevails when you rent.

Finalize the Property

The property can be finalized at this point. Transfer the money and check the documents at this phase.

Prepare the Contract

Make sure to have the contract prepared in the best way for the tenancy agreement. Sign it, have witnesses for the same and now the property is yours for rent.