Common Car Issues Due to Excessive Heat
13 Jun

Common Car Issues Due to Excessive Heat

Dubai's bright metropolis leaps to life as the flaming sun extends its golden rays across the vast Arabian desert, buzzing with life beneath the relentless onslaught of blistering heat. Vehicles navigating its asphalt arteries are not immune to the toll exacted by the searing sun in the center of this busy city, where temperatures reach to dizzying heights. Today, we'll look at the most prevalent car problems that develop as a result of the severe heat in this desert oasis.

Overheated Engines: A Fiery Challenge to Conquer

Car engines are pushed to their limits when the temperature rises. The extreme heat puts a huge strain on the cooling system, leaving engines subject to overheating. This condition arises when the cooling system fails to manage the temperature of the engine, resulting in potential damage and decreased performance. Be wary of signs of trouble such as rising temperature gauges, steam coming from under the hood, or a strange odour. If you see these red flags, you must stop immediately and let your engine cool down.

Melting Asphalt Blues: Beware of the Sticky Situation

Under the scorching sun, Dubai's asphalt roadways can melt into a molten mass. This perilous scenario endangers the tires of any car unlucky enough to become entangled in its sticky grip. Softened asphalt can trap tires, resulting in undesirable outcomes such as flat tires, tire damage, and even accidents. Keeping a close watch on the road conditions and travelling at a slow speed is essential for avoiding this potential threat.

Battery Blues: Power Drain under the Desert Sun

The desert heat depletes battery life in cars as temperatures climb. Extreme heat speeds up the chemical reaction within the battery, causing it to discharge more quickly and potentially resulting in a drained battery. To avoid the dreaded moment when your car won't start, it's essential that you perform a regular check on the health of your battery and ensure it's properly maintained. To fight the severe desert conditions, park your vehicle in shaded places whenever possible and invest in a battery with higher temperature tolerance.

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Parched Air Conditioning: The Summer Survival Secret

Imagine driving through the streets of Dubai with the hot wind hitting your face. A broken air conditioning system might turn this fantasy into an awful nightmare. The extreme heat in Dubai can strain the air conditioning system, resulting in diminished cooling performance or possibly a complete breakdown. Regular maintenance and inspections of your vehicle's air conditioning system are required to keep the cool wind flowing so that you can drive comfortably under the glazing sun.

Sun-Soaked Interiors: Protecting Your Car's Upholstery

The harsh Dubai sun can damage the interior of your car, wreaking havoc on upholstery, dashboards, and other surfaces. The ultraviolet radiation can fade colours, tear leather, and twist plastic components, making your vehicle appear old and aged. Shielding your vehicle from the sun's intense rays by parking in shady places or utilizing windshield sunshades will help keep its visual appeal and value.

Evaporating Fluids: Combatting the Fluid Loss Battle

The intense heat of the desert can cause fluids essential to your vehicle's performance to evaporate at a rapid rate. Engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, and even windshield washer fluid can evaporate in an instant, potentially causing engine damage, reduced braking efficiency, or decreased vision. Check fluid levels on a regular basis and keep an eye out for any leaks or irregularities to avoid excessive fluid loss and consequent problems.

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Hazy Headlights: Dimming Your Path

Heat and the sun's rays can harm your car's headlights, resulting in a foggy appearance and limited visibility during nighttime driving. To maintain optimal performance, inspect and clean your headlights on a regular basis, or consider investing in protective coatings or coverings to shelter them from the sun's detrimental effects.


Navigating Dubai's sweltering temperatures may be difficult for both man and machine. Understanding the usual car issues which occur in this desert oasis will allow you to better prepare yourself and take preventative actions to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Remember that regular maintenance, monitoring fluid levels, and protecting your vehicle from the relentless sun can help you beat the heat and maintain your vehicle in great shape for your activities in this fascinating city.