Pest Control, Sanitization & Disinfection service, Termite Control and water tank cleaning services

Pest Control, Sanitization & Disinfection service, Termite Control and water tank cleaning services

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Pest Control, Sanitization & Disinfection service, Termite Control and water tank cleaning services

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Experienced municipality-approved hygienic and pest control services provider Certified Pest Control Company in Ajman Searching for a reliable affordable cleaning and pest control service is a tiresome task. At Aimpests, as registered pest control and cleaning company in ajman, we bring to our clients the best possible effective pest control and cleaning services available in Ajman, Sharjah and Dubai. With the motto ‘excellence through professionalism,’ we are here to provide our customers with the pest control, deep cleaning, maintenance, polishing and refurbishing of the old dusty things. We also work diligently to give our people a germ-free environment where they can spend their daily lives with peace and comfort. we do provide effective and safe pest control service in ajman and other emirates, we Emphasizing strict professionalism, outstanding quality and impeccable service, if you facing any pest issues at your home or business and looking for reliable pest control company i


Type of pest control treatment Cockroaches
Type of pest control treatment Ants
Type of pest control treatment Bed bugs


Duration 1hr


Solution What’s in The pest control is limited to the following pests. – Crawling insects – Flying insects – Cockroaches – Fleas What’s Out Bees, Rodent control, Bed bugs, Silverfish, Termites, Bird lice, Dead animals, Snakes, Mosquito breeding habitats e.t.c The Details Pests can spread diseases, spoil food, damage property and harm businesses. When it comes to control, we believe that prevention is always better than cure.With H&G you are totally protected. Everything our experienced and friendly pest control technicians do for you is insured and guaranteed. Whether it’s your house, garden, office, warehouse, hotel, farm, sports ground or school that’s being affected, your pest problems are in safe hands with us. We always make sure that our work is child and pet friendly. Your pest problems will soon be just an unpleasant memory. Initial Visit On the initial visit, our outsourced technicians will treat the interior and exterior of your home. Inside the home, we have several treatment options available to us to meet your specific needs and concerns. Many of our products are extremely low odor so that when we’ve finished, you won’t know we’ve been there except for the presence of dying pests. We use different kinds of municipality approved chemical which is in a gel form and that’s the best way for us to eradicate as well as prevent cockroaches from entering your premises. Outside the home package, we treat your foundation, your garage, around the windows and doorways, under the first floor eaves, your fence lines, and yard areas around the home to provide a protective barrier. The Fine Print Having trouble with pests? Rats, mice, wasps? Unwelcome wildlife that needs managing? We offer one time service, monthly, quarterly and yearly services. The services render with at most care to ensure customers satisfaction at all time. We offer a 3 month warranty on all treatments. Note: Pest Control Service is done by a 3rd party and managed by Hitches and Glitches. **************** Deep Cleaning Dust/damp-wipe all doors, switches. • Bathrooms and toilets: Scrub floors, tiled walls, sanitary wares and fittings, wash down mirrors. • Kitchen: scrub floors, tiled walls, sink and worktops surfaces, wipe down cabinets. • Clean balcony and damp-wipe handrails if applicable. • Clean A/C vents and skirting. • Wash down internal windows and frames (up to a maximum height of 1.6 meters). • Scrub the hard floors in all the rooms. Kitchen Cleaning We leave your kitchen spotless by using our team of extensively trained and experienced staff. Our special equipment and chemicals will eliminate bacteria, remove stubborn food deposits and stains, as well as leave your kitchen looking as good as new! In order to keep disruption to your residence to a minimum, we will ensure the clean is completed efficiently and at your convenience. At H&G, our staff work flexible hours and can work to deadlines as we understand our clients have busy lives and require a quick and professional service. Water Tank Cleaning Service Why Use Water Tank Cleaning Services? Over time, sediment can build up inside the water tank, leading to problems like bacteria growth and corrosion. Water tanks are also at risk for leaks if you don't maintain them, so keep them clean. Water tank cleaning services in Dubai can keep your water tank clean and free of contaminants. A professional company can inspect your tank and determine what kind of maintenance you need to do. It can also help with any repairs. How Often Should You Clean Water Tank? The answer to this question depends on many factors: The type of water tank. Whether it's above ground or below the ground water tank, you should clean it at least once every year. Amount of usage. If you're using your tank more than others, such as if you have many people living in your home, it will require more frequent cleaning due to the higher volume of use over time. Quality of water inside said tank(s). Some homes have very hard or soft water lines running, which can lead to buildups over time if not regularly flushed out with chemicals designed for such purposes. How To Clean Water Tank (and the Process) If you want to clean the tank and pipes to keep your water system working for a long time, use the Dubai municipality-approved water tank cleaning methods. Here are some things that you can do: High-Pressure Jetting High-pressure jetting is an effective method for cleaning the water tank. It involves a high-pressure water jet that removes dirt and grime from the inside and outside the tank. The first step in this process is to empty your water tank before starting to clean it. Once it's empty, you can begin cleaning from inside to outside by removing all debris accumulated on the walls with a stiff brush or scrubbing pad. If any stubborn stains remain after you've cleaned off the dirt, use some bleach or other mild acid-based cleaning solutions to remove them (make sure not to spill any of these chemicals onto yourself). Afterward, rinse off everything thoroughly. Scrubbing and Washing To ensure that your water tank functions to maintain a clean, fresh taste, you should clean it regularly. In general, cleaning a water tank is similar to cleaning any other surface. Cleaners are available in many forms: powders and liquids work well for cleaning purposes. The cleaner type you choose depends more on personal preference than anything else. Some people prefer powders because they dissolve quickly and evenly throughout the water source; others like liquids. Regardless of what kind of cleaner you use, be sure not to mix different types. Conclusion With water tank cleaning services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your drinking water is safe from contamination. The team of experts will inspect your tank, remove any dirt or debris and clean it thoroughly. Excluded: Parts, materials, and consumables are all subject to availability in the UAE

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